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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

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25. Tombstone Tuesday: Inez and Baby Johnson

Inez Rebecca Moore Johnson 1893-1930 and infant Andrew Johnson January 5, 1929
When I moved to South Carolina, I discovered this cemetery in Hodges on July 4th thanks to another cousin who showed the way.  That was our family's first brush with chiggers, but it was worth it.  I did not know who Inez Rebecca Johnson was at the time let alone the name of the infant buried alongside her.  I later discovered she was the wife of a cousin who descended from my maternal great grandparents, Andrew and Jane Smith Johnson. 

I could not find a death certificate for her in 1930 even though they first began to be recorded in South Carolina in 1915.  I knew many of my Johnson family members migrated to Asheville in the 1900's in search of work.  I searched for death certificates in Buncombe County, North Carolina and found two where I discovered Charles Johnson and Inez Rebecca Moore Johnson  had a twin child , Andrew Johnson.  So Andrew Johnson is the name of the infant buried with his mother.

Back then it would have taken much effort to bring them back to this unmarked cemetery, but this was where it all started for them, and other family members are buried here as well.

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 Inez Johnson -April 9, 1930
 Andrew Johnson -January 5, 1929


  1. She probably died in childbirth. One hundred years ago about 25% of the women died in childbirth, thankfully we have progressed since then.

  2. It's always so sad to read about a person dying young, particularly a mother and a child. I look forward to reading your blog and learning about your family, South Carolina, and African American genealogy. Thanks for the interesting post!

  3. Yes, it seems accroding to the death cert she hemorraged sometime after. Her son died before she did.

    Thanks Claudia and Cynthia!


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