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Thursday, September 9, 2010

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18. Treasure Chest Thursday: Let the Flowers Grow


We love flowers, and we spend a lot of time taking photos of them.  My daughter is quick to remind my husband on special occasions, "Remember Dad, Mom does not like cut flowers."  I inherited the love of flower gardening from my Grandmother Otis.  She moved from Columbia, South Carolina and settled in Ohio before I was born. She always had the most beautiful flowers growing in different varieties in her yard.  Her flower strewn walk ways were very inviting. 

It was not until my family moved here to trace family history that I realized where she developed her love for flowers and her sweet disposition.   Roses bloom all year round since we have been here.  Vegetation has the chance to fully mature and grow far and wide.  Colors amplified in the strong sunlight are more brilliant than I have ever seen.  We photograph them because we feel they are almost too wondrous to behold.  Even hedges flower.  Flowers grow wild.  Every flower we start from a seed grows and matures and reseeds. Each season brings it's own treasured masterpiece.

The extended life flowers have here has had a great impact on our psyche.  There is a strange energy to a cut flower that withers and dies that went unnoticed before.  We do not experience extended periods of overcast.  We have seen our creativity and endurance in life expand in all areas.  The  beauty of  foliage permeates the soul bringing joy, and thereby, creations such as the lily pictured fulfill the intentions of their Creator.  


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