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Saturday, December 4, 2010

37. The history of social media and my reflections

History of Social Media

I have particularly enjoyed incorporating social media with my genealogical interests.  I have to say that I have learned more in the short time that I have experimented with social media than I have in several years.  Twitter has provided access to so many wonderful experts in the genealogical community.

I have become a more effective blogger because of @GeneaBloggers and many people I follow.  I used to yearn for people with whom to collaborate who felt the same undying passion as I do.  I will be forever grateful for how people like @familytreegirl welcomed and encouraged me and took me under her wing.  She is also solely responsible for encouraging me to write for The Examiner.  I did not know I had so much that I could contribute.

One of the most fondest experiences that I will forever cherish was the opportunity to meet in person, @LCAfricana.  She invited me to be a panelist at the Heritage Days Symposium at the Penn Center this year.  I am so amazed with her work.  She is powerful.  I am forever learning about myself from those I follow. They see things in me that I have overlooked.  I am so excited about being able to discover ways I can serve.

I hope I will be successful in the coming year with being able to inspire others to connect in this way.  I want others to have the same joy of sharing and learning.

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