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Friday, January 21, 2011


Fancy Photos: Filling text with an image

Fill text with image.  All elements created by Saving Stories  
In the example above, the word "HOME" had been filled with an image.  This is a very simple layering process that you can  do quickly in Photoshop Elements.

1.  Create a white background.  File>New>Blank File.
Create background

Text Tool

 2.  Click the Text Tool and select a bold font.  See the toolbar below.   

3.  Chose a large font size.  I used 60 pt here.  Type the word "HOME."  Notice you now have two layers open, the background and the text.
Type "HOME"
4.  Choose a photo to fill the text.  Open it.

Photo to fill text

5.  Click on the text to put it back onto the palette.

Click on text in bottom tray

6.  Drag the photo from the tray below onto the text.  Make sure the photo completely covers the text.

Drag photo over text

7.  Choose "Layer" and then "Group with Previous" from the Menu bar.

Group with Previous

8.  Click on the "eye" in the layers palette to deselect the  background layer.
Deselect background

9.  Select Layer>Merge Visible Layers from the Menu.
Merge Visible Layers

10.  Save the text as a .PSD file.  You are now ready to lay the text on any background.  We will create a background next time.
PSD File


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