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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

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Tech Tuesday: Twylah Brings Down the Barriers Between Us

Two of my favorite things to do are catching up with my friends on social media and finding new technology that helps me do what I do more efficiently.  Last night while on Twitter, I was able to do both, and it has been a while so I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I use Twitter, Facebook, and G+ but I have to admit that my preference is Twitter.  Twitter is the place to learn firsthand about everything that is important to me that is related to genealogy and technology.  It is the place where my most "rabid" genealogist friends and tech buddies congregate.  I am following 1,102 people on Twitter, and I know I would be hard pressed at this point in time to find that many like-minded people on other platforms.  Do not get me wrong; I like G+ and Facebook, but when I want a focused dialog, Twitter is the place for me.

We do not have trouble jumping into a discussion anytime of the day or night on Twitter.  Yes, there is a character limit, but we seem to be able to have conversations without restraint.  I was really excited when I heard the news about Twitter brand pages being released last week, and I literally scoured the internet to learn  more about them.

While I was searching, I came across Twylah which is currently in beta.  They professed to bring followers a more enriched experience in a less chaotic fashion than Twitter.  I have a bit of a sixth sense when it comes to this type of thing, and my instincts did not fail me this time either.

@SavingStories on Twylah

I requested an invite, and after a short time Kelly Kim, Co-founder of Twylah, followed me on Twitter.  After a couple of days I received an email notifying me that my Twylah page was ready.  After only one click, I instantly fell in love with it. I have not seen any product provide so much clarity around  who I am and what I find important.

My readers can engage the moment they land on the page, and I feel like my tweets will live on a little longer instead of falling into TweetDeck oblivion at the bottom of the screen. I am excited that I can share the page link across G+, and Facebook.  Yes, I said it!

Why would I only hang out on one platform and leave out my friends in other places?  That is akin to only visiting one set of relatives because I do not like the neighborhood where the others live.  It is the relationships that are most important to me, not the media.  Thank you, Twylah, for figuring out a way to climb the fences.  Submit your request today!

Here is a great overview of the features of Twylah and how it can extend the life of your tweets and your reach:

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