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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tombstone Tuesday: What do you when you get past seventy times seven, Grandaddy?

(Link to headstone under photo)

"Why is forgiving others so important?  When Jesus told Peter to forgive seventy times seven, was He thinking only of the person being forgiven, or was He thinking of Peter too?  Would forgiving others help Peter feel peace?"  See "I Forgive You," by Judy Edwards.

Enemies at the Gate
by Robin Foster

Should I cower in fear?
No, I will not forget that He is near

Even if they burst through the door
I am encircled in His arms evermore

Stay the course; Keep to the task at hand
This too shall pass leaving me conqueror over another test designed for man

Looking past the immediate harm,
I can envision the real villain who controls the perpetrator's arm

I smile privately remembering that I am free
No one can molest the peace or love that my God affords me.

Emory Wallace Vance, Sr.  (1901-1972)
Gravestone included in Find A Grave Memorial

Dedicated to the Only Grandfather I knew in This Life: 

I knew if his unspoken sufferings, but he and my grandmomma gave service and lived in peace. I learned a lot from them. I am grateful to continue in their legacy.


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