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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Google Book Search Presentation


Google Book Search is a presentation where we demonstrate how to use the features of Google Books and the types of information that you can discover there to help you in your genealogical research:
Types of information

Biographical information:  You may find the actual name of an ancestor and vital information.
Historical events:  You can study the historical events that occurred during the lifetime of your ancestors and glean information about how events impacted their lives.
Local history:  It is possible to understand more about an ancestor's life from the local history available in an area.  This is a great place to turn when you have exhausted other avenues of research.  Research a contemporary of your ancestor and local history.  You may be surprised at what you may discover.


Access to books varies on Google Books.  Some books are in the public domain, and you can view the entire book.  Other books have a limit as to how many pages you can view because they are still available for purchase.  Even some out of copyright books have limited viewing.  We discuss the best ways to gain access to information contained in each type of book.

Narrowing your search results

With so many resources available through Google Books, it is important to be able to narrow your search results.  In the example above, three out of four of the first results contained information about my ancestor, Beverly Vance.

For more information see Ask Me to Present.


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