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Thursday, December 31, 2015

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What I Am Taking Into 2016


Everyone loves the chance at a fresh new start.  Even with all the confusion in the world, I am looking in great anticipation for the New Year as it fast approaches.  With a childlike outlook on life, we can accept change easily with respect to our own progress and seek the good that exists in others. When children fall, they get right up!

I have a tendency to pause for serious reflection at the year's end. I first contemplate what my ancestors were doing centuries ago.  I do not need to long in hopeful anticipation for freedom to make simple choices as they did during those Watch Night services. I do, however, feel responsible to them to take an account of the things I am grateful for.

2015 was a year that I acquired great knowledge and overcame obstacles geared directly at my progression.  I have great cause to be grateful to my Heavenly Father. I thought I would end this year by listing what I learned and what I am most grateful for.  Some of my thoughts may seem a little obscure to the reader, but to me they are very profound:

1. I lived past 50, even though my father died at the age of fifty. That is a big deal to me.

2.  The trials I faced this year did not destroy me, even though they felt like they would at the time.  They stretched me well pass my abilities, and they have brought my husband and I closer as well as my other family members.

3.  I discovered that I had to stand alone and be the one to "Just Do It!" at crucial times.  I found the grace offered me by my Savior, and I feel He empowered me to add value to the lives of everyone who allowed me to.

4.  I learned to seek to help the people who sincerely want my help because there is not much time to wrestle with those who don't.

5.  I saw more times than I can mention how the principles of the true gospel serve to protect and bring peace and happiness.

6.  I finished projects and assignments even if it meant I would be doing so without human help.

7.  I am more able to accept people for who they are knowing there is a time and a place appointed.

8.  I was able to learn a great deal more about the technologies that I can now incorporate.

9.  I realized that I learn the most on my own in the middle of the night.  Go figure.  My DNA results confirm that fact. I am not sure who I inherited that from.

10.  As wonderful as it is to serve, I must take the time to refresh, read, and implement things that will enable me to grow and be more useful.

11. I know that if I live worthy, I will always be able to rely on the Lord's help.

12.  I have gained more faith and trust. I know if I listen close enough and follow my mind's eye, I will be at the right place at the right time doing the right things in 2016!

Hope is the foundation of happiness in this life. The fact that I can continue to set and reach desired goals brings so much purpose in my life. I hope I am living up to the legacy of service, faith, and family left by my progenitors.  Draw your loved ones close, and discuss the goals you would like to work toward together in 2016. 


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