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Monday, July 18, 2016

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Tell your Grandchild About Great Great Grandparent

Have you ever considered the fact that your grandparent will be your child's great great grandparent? Think about how much you know about your great great grandparent. Would it have made a difference to you to learn about them firsthand from your grandparent? Most likely you knew at least one of your grandparent's or you have a parent that can help you. Take time to record information and stories that capture the essence of who your grandparents were and what they meant to you. 

Here are some ideas that you may want to include:
Was there a favorite recipe or cookbook passed down that your grandparent used regularly? Do you remember tasting any of the creations that they baked? Describe a specific dish or dessert that used to be a family favorite. Help your grandchildren appreciate it by making it for them. Let them know which dishes were passed down for generations and how family members have adapted to using different ingredients.

Do you recall walking through your grandparent's garden? Explain whether they planted vegetables, flowers, or herbs. Did they have fruit trees? What was harvest time like? Did your grandparents can the things they grew? If so, what do you remember tasting?
Grandparents work a number of years longer than they did years ago. Many of them kept the same job or remained in the same line of work for their entire lives. That may be a new concept for your grandchildren. Also, some occupations may have ceased to exist. Explain how much a week's salary was for your grandparent and what kind of work they did.

The technology that your grandchildren use in school today would have been something to make your grandparents marvel. Help your children understand what typewriters, chalk and blackboards, and penmanship paper is.

Did your grandparents worship in a one room church? How does that compare to what your grandchildren's experience is today? Have they ever seen a church cemetery?
How have cars changed since the time of your grandparents? You grandchildren may get a kick out of seeing what those older models looked like and how much they cost.

Letter writing has almost become extinct. Your grandchildren probably text you or communicate using Facebook or some other way. Challenge them to try letter writing and keeping a journal. Show them samples of letters that your grandparents received from family members. Help them imagine waiting to communicate without modern technology. Play dress up in the same type of clothes that your grandparents would have worn. Help your grandchildren to learn the names for the different types of clothing.

Did your grandparents migrate from one place to another or take trips to places where your grandchildren have never been? Plan a trip to these places or go there virtually. Discuss how traveling today would have been different in the day your grandparents traveled.
Do any pieces of furniture or heirlooms that your grandparents owned still survive today? Show these pieces to your grandchildren, and tell the story of how they came into your family. You can also visit antique furniture stores or historic homes to find examples.

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