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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

What You Might Find in the Cemetery


So what are some other things that you may learn in the cemetery besides what was discussed in What can you discover at the cemetery? Well sometimes you may find evidence that an ancestor:
  • was a WWII veteran (as in the case of Pettis Chick Jr above) or a veteran of a different war
  • served as a clergyman or had a different occupation.
  • was buried in a designated family plot along with other family members
One man from Conway, Massachusetts has announced that he has volunteered to update the inventory of his town's nine cemeteries which is missing the burials for the last sixty years. Some of those buried in these cemeteries are American Revolutionary War soldiers. Sparked by his love for genealogy, Peter Friesem will be doing a great service to his community since deaths occurring just after 1952 are not probably not included in an online death index or on the Social Security Death Index (SSDI). See "Conway man to list everyone buried in 9 cemeteries."
Age at death or age at birth
Information like dates of birth or death may have been recorded wrong at the cemetery. You must use historical documentation to prove or disprove which may be difficult. You may possibly discover the deaths of folks who disappeared on the census. Now you know why. Maybe an ancestor appeared on a census before births were recorded. If possible use the birth date on the headstone to find a marriage record that may give a birth date and place.
Female married name or surname
Have you lost track of an ancestor on the census because you did not know the married name? She could also be in the cemetery along with everyone else, but you will have to search her out. Trace females who have the same first name and was buried near family members. Perhaps you will find a death certificate with a maiden name and parents to confirm a relationship.
Graves of children
It is possible to find children born between census years and not documented anywhere else. For those who died after death records began to be recorded, search death certificates. Also, search newspaper obituaries.
Other family members
The cemetery is a great place to learn about extended family members. Find out if any cemetery books or databases have been created of people interred in the cemetery. Research those names to see if any people are linked to your family.


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