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Saturday, September 17, 2016

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Attach Sources From MyHeritage to

You can find historical records on several different databases around the web. The more resources you find, the better you understand your ancestor.  Have you ever found a record on a site that you wish you could add to your ancestor's record? MyHeritage has a new feature which allows you to attach records to individuals in Family Tree.

After reviewing the instructions on how to search for records on MyHeritage from Family Tree on (Family History Easy Botton:  Create New Sources in Family Tree from MyHeritage), I chose to search to see which records I could find on my grandfather (Emory W. Vance):

In the "Search Records" box on the individual record for Emory W. Vance, are the  different places that you can search for records. Curious to see the new "Attach source to FamilySearch," I selected the MyHeritage link which brought up the following results for Emory:
The second record which is Emory's headstone comes from BillionGraves:

At the bottom of the record is the link for attaching the record to my grandfather's record on When you click on this link, it creates a source which you can edit if necessary:
This feature saves so much time.  I do not need to create an entirely new source from scratch. Also, being able to search MyHeritage from the individual record on narrows down records very quickly because it uses the information on the individual record for the search parameters. I do not need to enter information every time I search MyHeritage.

If you have not added the information that you have found to Family Tree on, you will not be able to use this time saving feature. In addition to that, as you attach the records that you find on your ancestor, they appear as sources on your ancestor's record. This helps others to learn more quickly about your ancestor at first glance.

The first record below from BillionGraves is the record that I just attached from MyHeritage:


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