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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Back and Better!

I feel as though I need to thank my followers for the encouragement and many heartfelt prayers offered up on my behalf. A little over a year ago I suffered a stroke. I was in my daughter's dining room. I asked them to call an ambulance because  I could not feel the right side of my body.  My daughter, Adrianne, who was about 7 months pregnant with her first child, became the person who was my mouthpiece at the hospital along with my husband.

I could not move or speak. I am not able to remember those few days. They have taught me the things I needed to know. I vaguely remember the hospital. I was taken to rehab. Everyday for about three hours I went to work on moving my arm, my leg, and speech. I had to learn how to talk and write with my left hand.

I remember watching General Conference in the rehab. I was told the good Bishop of the Phenix, AL and Counselor had given me a blessing while in the hospital. I did not remember, but I did remember something that I could not at the time explain.

Back in March, I was told by Heavenly Father that "soon you will go to the hospital" to fix what is wrong with you. I did not know it would involve a stroke. When I had the stroke that was not the problem. I continued rehab for a week, and went home to my son-in law and daughter.

My husband took over my care because my daughter was put on bed rest. I went to Church. During the week all four missionaries and two Sister missionaries came to see me. I read The Book of Mormon with the missionaries, and visited with the Sisters. Long ago, Adrianne learned to read using The Book of Mormon. Now I was learning to a read again using The Book of Mormon.

Adrianne had a hard pregnancy, but delivered after her husband came home. I had to go back to the hospital. I was having a very bad pain and high blood pressure.  This is when I learned I now was in the hospital to fix what the Lord had told me I would.

My husband watched the monitor that shows blood pressure. There was a number that he did not understand that read extremely high. A cardiologist was walking by so he asked him what it meant.  The cardiologist asked if I was diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation. I had atrial fibrillation. I had it all my life.   

I am happy to be back and to feel better.  A couple of months ago I visited the neurologist who tested me. She said that I had two forms of memory. One that I could lose, and one that I cannot. She said that I would never lose spiritual memory and genealogy. 

I am glad that even though I never transferred my membership to Phenix, AL they served me as if I belonged there. I am glad I could understand General Conference, and the missionaries surrounded me with love. I am glad I have the love of many online. And much love to my daughter, son-in law, husband, and Brie!


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