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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

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What Can Support for Others Bring to You and Your Projects?

"I was very pleased with Don coming to the Wisconsin Black Historical Society's Annual Conference on February 10. I always invite people that I feel will get the most out of my presentations. Don left snow which shut Chicago down to come to Milwaukee also snow driven. He sat up front. I know he is very accomplished in writing books, but he did not have an experience with genealogists. I know he was the best person for them to meet. He lives to tell his story."---- Robin

Yesterday, no matter how worst the winter storm in Chicago became, I had given my word to support my sister-in-law, Robin Foster, while she was doing her presentation for the importance of research and genealogy in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The facility that was unknown to me, but would become a strong connection for my books and projects was introduced to my networking bank as a place I should work with for the future was the Wisconsin Black Historical Society. founded by Clayborn Benson, and managed by his daughter, Jamila, who also informed me that she teaches a dance class in the facility.
While attending and listening to Robin explain the information, I was filled with pride that I ventured out in the storm and my train was 1-hour late getting me there, but I would get to hear words and inspiration from Robin that would touch all who attended. This event offered me a new network of associates who would become friends, from the African Cab driver who took me to my destination who was from Nigeria, and while we rode we talked about Africa his country as well as others. Of course, he was amazed at my knowledge concerning the history of African nations fighting for independence.

This event gave me new support for my books that were purchased. While I only had a few, they were taken off my hands in minutes. I ran out of business cards, as well, which has never happened before. Robin introduced me as a renowned american author and her brother-in-law that she was very proud of with a great book about my life which became my autobiography. I sat listening intently since it was her day to shine.

As I stood up, I mentioned how proud I was of her and all she had taught me. This presentation proves that people will support ideas that are worthwhile and offer to support your ideas. So, my thanks to Clayborn, and his daughter, Jamila, who I will be working with on an Author Presentation at the Wisconsin Historical Black Society in August this year which I am so proud to present to the citizens of Wisconsin. A special thanks to Lillie Rouse who not only purchased one of my books but wanted two and did search the internet for more information about me while I was there. She shared it with her husband, as well, and I said a few words. She told me she was impressed.

My thanks to Carol Jean Matson Calvin who purchased my book, "What Price Freedom." I purchased a copy of one of her books which I intend to read especially after hearing her presentation on research on Research and Genealogy. I look forward to talking with her again.

Bonnie J. Edwards is going online to purchase my work, and I spoke with her and her husband. I am looking forward to working with for her own radio show and other projects. My special thanks to James Powell Ambassador to the Tuskegee Airmen who I met at this presentation. He explained what his plans were to open a chapter in Milwaukee. I think he was one of the originals for the group, but don't quote me.

I am thankful to all those who showed up at the event and supported Robin, and to the hotel clerks at the front desk of the Holiday Inn where my brother, Ellis, and his wife stayed. I explained to the staff where I had been and that I was returning again. They went online and looked up my books and gave me the Directors name and card. The front desk young lady said she was going on the same night and order a copy of my new book, "Beyond Dreams."

I enjoyed the last part of my evening as I and Clayborn talked and ate dinner together while waiting for my brother and Robin to come down and join us. Clayborn and I talked about the Authors Event that we want to produce and make happen in Milwaukee. This is the type of support and interest you can receive when you support others financially as well as moral support. I can't thank my sister-in-law enough for the invitation to come and listen to her. Yes, that is me in the red Black Hawks cap. Oh, and thanks to the newspaper photographers who took photos of my book and my being at the event as well as everyone in attendance.


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