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Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Post: Grandma Ora's Gift

I will forever remember the day when I sat on the floor at my mother's knees while she braided my hair.  I was not school age, but my mother, being a teacher, made sure I was trained in phonetics and could sound out words enough to comprehend whatever anyone gave me to read.

Often, I was put on display at family gatherings where people watched in amazement as the daily newspaper was put before me, and I was asked to read aloud for everyone.  I did not understand why there was so much enthusiasm over me reading.  I assumed it was something common to people my age like tying shoelaces or making a bed.

On the particular day as I was getting French braids, my grandmother Ora, who was visiting from Cleveland, scooted near me.  She had the scriptures open in her hand, and she asked me not only to read the 23rd Psalm but to also memorize it while my mother did my hair.

I sat reading each line and repeating from the beginning aloud.  My grandmother watched with pride.  I worked at it the whole time my mother was braiding.  When she finished, I closed the book and looked up at my grandmother and recited the whole Psalm.  She was very happy, and she made a promise to me that whatever I wanted to know in life could be found in the scriptures.  I have tested Grandma's promise countless times and it has not failed me yet.

I have even discovered that all of the universe adhere's to eternal law.  If I obtain any thing lovely or beautiful, it is because I obeyed a certain principle.  As I reflect on the time I will spend with my family at Christmas and   until end of the year, I will reflect on my Grandma's gift.  I will be looking for the right teaching moment that I may be able to pass on the right gift that may remain with someone and benefit them as much as my Grandma's gift has helped me.

Have a wonderful Christmas!

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