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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Back and Better!

I feel as though I need to thank my followers for the encouragement and many heartfelt prayers offered up on my behalf. A little over a year ago I suffered a stroke. I was in my daughter's dining room. I asked them to call an ambulance because  I could not feel the right side of my body.  My daughter, Adrianne, who was about 7 months pregnant with her first child, became the person who was my mouthpiece at the hospital along with my husband.

I could not move or speak. I am not able to remember those few days. They have taught me the things I needed to know. I vaguely remember the hospital. I was taken to rehab. Everyday for about three hours I went to work on moving my arm, my leg, and speech. I had to learn how to talk and write with my left hand.

I remember watching General Conference in the rehab. I was told the good Bishop of the Phenix, AL and Counselor had given me a blessing while in the hospital. I did not remember, but I did remember something that I could not at the time explain.

Back in March, I was told by Heavenly Father that "soon you will go to the hospital" to fix what is wrong with you. I did not know it would involve a stroke. When I had the stroke that was not the problem. I continued rehab for a week, and went home to my son-in law and daughter.

My husband took over my care because my daughter was put on bed rest. I went to Church. During the week all four missionaries and two Sister missionaries came to see me. I read The Book of Mormon with the missionaries, and visited with the Sisters. Long ago, Adrianne learned to read using The Book of Mormon. Now I was learning to a read again using The Book of Mormon.

Adrianne had a hard pregnancy, but delivered after her husband came home. I had to go back to the hospital. I was having a very bad pain and high blood pressure.  This is when I learned I now was in the hospital to fix what the Lord had told me I would.

My husband watched the monitor that shows blood pressure. There was a number that he did not understand that read extremely high. A cardiologist was walking by so he asked him what it meant.  The cardiologist asked if I was diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation. I had atrial fibrillation. I had it all my life.   

I am happy to be back and to feel better.  A couple of months ago I visited the neurologist who tested me. She said that I had two forms of memory. One that I could lose, and one that I cannot. She said that I would never lose spiritual memory and genealogy. 

I am glad that even though I never transferred my membership to Phenix, AL they served me as if I belonged there. I am glad I could understand General Conference, and the missionaries surrounded me with love. I am glad I have the love of many online. And much love to my daughter, son-in law, husband, and Brie!

Monday, October 9, 2017

RootsTech 2018 Class Schedule

RootsTech 2018 has released the daily class schedule! Below is the first day. Go to RootsTech Sessions to browse and sign up for the complete schedule, Wednesday-Saturday. 

"FamilySearch Mobile Apps:  Family History, Anytime, Anywhere" looks like a class to take to update my choices. What's the first class that you will take?  See you there!

Not registered yet? Register for RootsTech 2018.

9:30                Sessions/Labs

Big Data: Buzz Word or Family History Revolution?
Real-World Examples of Frustrations of Endogamy
FamilySearch Mobile Apps: Family History, Anytime, Anywhere
The Search for Anna Hansen: Finding German Records
Family Lore: The truth and power behind our myths
The New Deal: Putting Genealogists to Work
A Gift of Life: Who's Writing Your Story?
Consultant Class: Start with the Heart
Scottish Ancestry in The National Archives (UK)
Making the most of English & Welsh Parish records
11:00 am

Integrating Your Software with FamilySearch
Behind Your DNA Results
Deed You Hear About These Underutilized Records?
Translation & Transcription Tools for Genealogy
The Ancestors Await: Finding Your Ancestors through Archival Research
Research Strategies For Newbies - learn how to search like a genealogist.
DNA - One Family, One World
Missing – Presumed Dead: A Case Study of Civil War Records
What’s New in Family Tree Maker?
Consultant Class: Ministering to Others Brings Joy
Smart Scans With Your Smartphone
Beating OCR Bugs to Bag More from Old Newspapers
Family Story Slam - making the family story cool.
Organize decades of family heritage on your phone!
How Close Are We Really? Evaluating Shared DNA
Story Telling for Posterity with Podcasting
British Geographic Resources: an Introduction
1:30 pm

Organizing and Documenting Plantation Slaves
How Can FamilySearch Help You with Nordic Research?
Finding the Right DNA Test for You
Managing Your Tree on Ancestry Made Simple
Downsizing with Family History in Mind
The Irish Registry of Deeds: a hidden treasure
Consultant Class: Living Memory Discovery Experiences
Are You Your Own Brick Wall
Digital Library on American Slavery & More
The Open Death Records Initiative
Yes! You Can Read That Handwriting!
Timelines are for you!
Collaboration: A Hat for Everyone
War of 1812 Pension Files
EXIF Marks the Spot: The critical need for metadata portability
Share Your Family’s Story with Custom Google Maps
Battlefield Stories: Writing Your Stories of War
3:00 pm

Records - different sizes, types and names
Which Hans Jensen is Mine? Navigating Patronymics in Scandinavian Research
Turning Ancestors Into Art
Connect families through family history
Finding Elusive Records at FamilySearch
You're on Social Media. Now What?
Organizing and Preserving Photograph Collections
Consultant Class: Discovery Experiences in the Tree
Ancestry's Apps: Great Companions to Your Research
Getting the Most Out of Your AncestryDNA Results
Get to Know the National Genealogical Society
Top Ten Clues Provided by Death Records
Prosecuting Dissent: Security records for Irish family history 1836-1922
Introduction to Chromosome Mapping
Dropbox Basics
4:30 pm
General Session

General Session - Wednesday

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